Here is what I don't understand about this whole thing

Why plan on going out to dinner if your intentions are to run out of the restaurant like cowards and thieves without paying a cent? Is it like some kind of cheap ( CHEAP being the keyword here ) thrill? I remember this back in San Diego years ago, when a group of people got together beforehand and decided to have an elaborate dinner at a moderate - expensive place, and then with their track shoes on bolt out the exit door to make a dash for their car. It's called "Dine And Dash", and unfortunately it's been happening lately here in Bismarck. I guess you call it a trend, of stupidity. Just recently reported that recent studies " that around 20 percent of people typically dine and dash when out? In Bismarck at the local Sickies restaurant, this happens more than you think"

Ok look, I'm not perfect, I did many dumb things when I was younger

So I'm guessing some people may respond to what I'm saying by thinking "Ahh what's the big deal, it's only like $40 dollars, it's not like the restaurant will go out of business..." Think to yourself the next time you are pondering the thought of another gutless sprint, when that happens the server that just spent a half-hour waiting on you gets NOTHING. They eke out a living depending on tips because their hourly wait is way beyond the normal. Try and put yourself in their shoes before you lace up your own.

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