I'm not a parent, I've never been married, I have two cranky cats, that's pretty much my life - Therefore I have no idea just how hard it is to raise a child. The tasks seem enormous to me, yet the rewards must be amazing. That's what life is all about, isn't it? Think about the last year 2019. Everything was pretty normal, for the most part. High school seniors graduated, families came together for huge weddings, local sporting events from every school experiencing the thrills of competition. The good old days.

This year though, all havoc kicked in early March. The coronavirus introduced itself to all of us. The COVID-19 ended major sports tournaments, it destroyed plans for school traditions - like graduation ceremonies. Businesses closed, people lost their jobs and were stuck at home, learning how to self-quarantine. Parents had to see their loved ones miss out on what they themselves had experienced years ago. Parents had to wonder what the future looked like for any of their kids when it came to school. Would they stay at home and have all their classes online? The hopefuls set their sights on the possibility of their children heading back to the classroom once this whole virus mess lightened up.

Our Bismarck Public Schools have drafted a reentry plan that involves several factors on getting the kids back to school, that draft went out this past Monday. Parents have said for the most part, that they need more solid info on this and soon. I ask you this, if you are a parent, with all the signs of the coronavirus STILL peaking, is this something you would feel comfortable about, sending your loved one/ones off to school?

The Bismarck Public School will gather all the feedback they got, and somehow finalize their plan. The board hopes to make a decision soon. For more on this story click here.


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