Just think, you get bombed one night and before you go to bed, you pop a pill and you wake up perfect. Too good to be true? maybe not. 

joe raedleGettyImages-530276388
joe raedleGettyImages-530276388

In another way to spend our research money, apparently, now there is a hangover pill that's in the mice testing stage that could cure hangovers forever.

I still think that water and advill would do the trick if we could get a cure for cancer or Aids but I guess we get what we can get.

According to Smithsonian.com, this pill worked on the enzymes in the liver that speed up the processing of alcohol. no word if there is any liver or kidney damage associated with it though, we'll hear from the mice soon though.

I think it would be smart to invest in companies like Anheuser bush-Inbev and Diageo if this cure is legit.  There's definitely gonna be a lot of drinking going on man.


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