Here's the burning question, have you ever seen a UFO? Do you look up to the skis searching, hoping you'll see one? Are you a believer? - Is there life on other planets? Did you cry at the end of the movie E.T.? Do you think there are conspiracies that warrant any further examination of aliens from other planets visiting earth at some point? Maybe they are already here? Unless bonafide proof that we are not alone ever shows up, there will ALWAYS just speculation. Astronomers are still waiting to hear from outer space after they sent out messages 46 years ago. The hopeful thought about beaming a code out, and having a response back - How crazy would that be? The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico was responsible for their effort back then, and now that we are in the present ( 2020 ) scientists are reaching for different strategies now to contact someone or someTHING outside our planet.

With all the thinktank geniuses putting their noggins together in hopes of actually finding an out-of-this-earth colony, have we stopped to think about just how we would all react to, say a spaceship landing right out on Memorial Highway in Mandan? Would we eagerly approach an alien with an outstretched hand in hopes of a handshake? How can we live up to our "North Dakota Nice" tag? Maybe take them out to Devils Lake? A friendly shove into the water, see if they can swim? How about a cozy card game? Teach them the finer ways of how to lose at poker, so what if you bend the rules a bit, they won't know. Think about what you would do if you ever did have the opportunity to play host to an alien? For more on this click here.

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