My opinion is " have enough time"

First, let's break it down - a MARATHON can be confused many times with other distances - often I hear someone say they just finished one - I always ask them "You mean the 26.2-mile race?"  - because some people associate a running race, like a 5 km or a 10 km for instance, as a MARATHON. If you have always wanted to accomplish this true feat ( OR FEET ) I believe the 2024 Bismarck Marathon on September 22nd, 86 days from now is reachable.

Always a good idea to get a quick check-up from your doctor

The misconception of most is that you have run 20 miles ( in one long run ) in training when race day rolls around. In order to just FINISH a Marathon, keep in mind that you need to get used to being on your feet and moving forward for a good 4 to 5 to even 6 hours - remember your primary goal is to get across the finish line, NOBODY will be judging you one bit on your time, I guarantee you that. So get yourself some decent running shoes, and start out on like a one to two-mile walk.

As you progress from this moment one... can gradually incorporate some jogging and fast-paced walking - and when you get a week or two under your belt, try and increase your long run ( once a week ) until you reach 12- 13 miles. Trust me, as you make this part of your life, you'll feel your body getting adjusted to the mileage. I 100% feel that on marathon day, your mind will be tested like everyone else - try and break the race up into 4 parts - look forward to the 5-mile mark, then focus on reaching 10 - you might surprise yourself with how good you'll feel at the half marathon ( 13.1 miles ) - Without a doubt, the toughest part of the race is at 20-miles.

That last 10km will test everything you got...

...but your goal is in reach, and when you reach the finish line it will be the greatest high you'll ever feel!

I ran 14 of these years ago, my first one was 4:08, so you see TIME doesn't matter - I was able to get down to 2:32:56 - and then my sciatic nerve pain ended my career - I STILL miss it today. Good Luck, I know you can do it!




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