Well here is a first for me, I've lived in Bismarck now for almost 2 years and this morning I came across something that many natives may not have ever experienced. For the most part, that can be exciting, but most people aren't thrilled with the unexpected.

"Hey, Siri, what do I do at a 5-way intersection?"

If you take East Rosser off of Main, then hang a left on Griffin Avenue, just a quick block or so you will run into the 5-way intersection. W Ave C.  It more than likely will surprise the heck out of you, especially if that's your first time in the area. So now comes the semi-complicated issue, who has the right of way? Do you think a quick question to Siri will provide the right answer? She may take a while before she decides to deliver her reply.

I'm pretty sure you yield to the cars on your right

Just to make things perfectly clear, I am NOT a driver's instructor, I work at a radio station. So I will attempt to guide you the best way I know how, through the internet. According to drivinginstructorblog.com, there are several different scenarios that can take place. "Just like the 4-way stop intersection, you must yield to the vehicle on your right, if you both stop at the same time"

However, if a Lady Blah-Blah song comes on the radio, you must pull over and throw-up

The only real advice I have is to be on the defense when driving, just feel out all sides of the intersection before you proceed.


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