As it gets warmer outside, we start to get the itch to take a dip in the pool, river or even a local lake.
While it’s always a fun thing to do in the summer in North Dakota, there are some things you should put into practice for safety reasons.

It seems like it's every year that you hear a tragic drowning in a family pool or lake.

To prevent any tragedies this summer, we put together a list of 8 Must-Know Pool Safety Tips for North Dakota parents.

Here’s how you can protect your kids this summer.

8 Must-Know Pool Safety Tips for North Dakota Parents

1. Always supervise children.

- Even if they’re just near the water and not in it, you want to be alert.

2. Learn CPR as soon as possible.

-You never know when it’ll come in handy.

3. Get your kids swimming lessons.

- Bismarck's YMCA offers lessons along with several other places in the community.

4. Never rely on flotation devices.

- While they might be helpful and useful, they can get holes and deflate.

5. Keep your pool covered when you’re not using the pool.

- You definitely wanna make sure no one from the neighborhood is crawling into it when you’re not around and you also don’t want your kids getting into it when you’re not paying attention.

7. Don’t run.

-Make sure you're moving at a safe pace around the pool.

8. Keep your phone near you in case of an emergency.

- When it comes to these emergency situations, every second counts.

There You Have It

While I'm sure you're thinking most of these things are common sense, it's never a bad idea to go over the safety tips again.

Have fun this summer & thanks for reading!

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