The news hit us quickly and sadly started sinking in as the minutes went by

Tragically a young man who had been missing since 2021, has officially been identified as Chase Hurdle - a high school student who was last seen on camera in the hallways of Bismarck High and then spotted near Memorial Bridge in Bismarck - at around 9:25 am back on November 2, 2021 - no sign of Chase, no evidence of any harm done - just a city and family in complete sadness - what happened? We may never know the reason why for his disappearance - but just last Sunday ( June 9th, 2024 ), a body was found.

His name is Jack Gaugler - a hero from early last year in Mandan

You may remember this amazing story, last year around January, Jack Gaugler was looking out the window, and across the street saw an explosion inside a neighbor's house - without fear he he put his life at risk by pulling out an elderly couple through the flames and broken glass. Take a look at some of the pictures and read about his heroic act -  I was grateful to interview Jack and we became Facebook Friends. I saw his initial post 4 days ago: "Found a dead body!  That was all he said. The news broke this afternoon...Jack found Chase Hurdle.

Chase Hurdle
Chase Hurdle

"Out on a pontoon..."

Jack was with his two kids on a pontoon when he saw what looked like a body "..caught up in the trees".  He kept his boys away, and moved closer - immediately called the sheriff and authorities came - next to Briardale. As you can imagine, Jack felt complete disbelief - he knew this was a dramatic ending to a tragic mystery - but he wasn't sure who it was until the police identified Chase through dental records and his clothes.

The family now has closure

I'll never forget the conversation I had with Darius Hurdle ( Chase's father ) back December 12, 2021 - he and his family kept his room pristine, untouched, with Christmas presents waiting to be opened by his returning son..."  My heart aches for the Hurdle family, for today they have closure - I know Jack Gaugler is hurting too.

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