I noticed a sign recently on my ride home on South Washington in an open field reading, "Coming Soon-On the Run".  This open field is about a block north of the intersection of South Washington and Burleigh Avenue on the east side of Washington.

This used to be just a farm field but it was recently taken out of production a year or so ago.  I figured that it was going to be just another housing development, as most of that area is being developed that way.  As it turns out, I was wrong.  What's new.

On the Run is a Canadian company and they already have a gas station and c-store on Tyler Parkway.  According to sources close to the process, the company is hoping to also add a car wash with their gas and convenience store.  There's also talk of a potential strip mall going into this development with a coffee shop.

In order for this to all come together though, there are hurdles to pass.  This project actually received a "Do Not Pass" from Bismarck City and Planning.  Again, according to a source near to the project they are concerned about the traffic buildup that would occur on this 2-way street.  They are especially concerned about the potential car wash.

However, the project was allowed to move forward and the proposed gas station and car wash will go before the city commission next Tuesday, March 8th.  They will determine the fate of this project.  They need a 3-2 vote margin for this to move forward.  This would be the only business/commercial area in this particular part of town.

I think this would be a good thing for this part of south Bismarck despite the increased traffic.



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