This happened over a year ago -  I had a hand in helping a friend of mine with a very emotional goal

I'm from San Diego, California, and recently a friend of mine who lives out there, reached out for what she called "A Major Favor" - for me it turned out to be a tremendous honor. Rachael Craven is her name, and her son John had dreams of being a homicide detective - sadly he lost his life at the young age of just 16 years old - 12/31/21. Passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Rachel Craven Facebook
Rachael Craven Facebook

Mother and son.....that's what life is all about

Rachael is doing the best she can living life without her son, the pain is overwhelming. She is now celebrating the memories she had of John through her desire to have his ashes spread out in every state. Last year it was my turn to take a young man who had so much potential, who had a real zest for life and spread part of his ashes right down at the edge of the Missouri River. I read a quick message she had for me to say... before I introduced John Edward Darious Sanders Craven to North Dakota

                                      The Journey

              "Between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the                         dance of life really takes place"

...and with, I proceeded to throw his ashes into the cold air. I never really gave it that much thought, but had I broken the law by doing that? Not too smart of me to check on that back then, SO here is what I found out - according to "In North Dakota, no state laws exist that prohibit families from storing or scattering cremated ashes. Cremation renders ashes harmless and they do not pose any health risks"

My friend Rachael gave me a memory I will never forget.



Rachael Craven Facebook
Rachael Craven Facebook


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