At around 3pm on September 2nd, a gold Chevy Tahoe veered off the road, rolling over next to the northbound lanes of the Mandan Strip


Details on the cause of the crash are sketchy. As we arrived on the scene, an ambulance was driving off without it's lights on. There were still 5 police cars on the scene directing traffic down to just 2 lanes, and the Fire Department was on the scene.

TSM Bismarck
TSM Bismarck

You can see where the driver veered off the road, bouncing through one ditch before landing in another.

It does not appear that any other vehicles were involved in the accident.

The Mandan Police Department didn't have any further information at the time of this post.

Update 9/3/14 3:00pm: The vehicle involved in the rollover accident was owned by Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger. He was not driving it at the time of the accident. The driver, identified by the Mandan Police as Jesse Larson of Mandan, had borrowed the vehicle from Rauschenberger and was arrested for driving under the influence as well as reckless driving. Jesse was treated at a local hospital and released.

Rauschenberger has also revealed to a blogger that he has sough treatment for an alcohol addiction. The Bismarck Tribune has attempted to contact the Commissioner, but has been unsuccessful so far.

A spokesperson for Gov. Dalrymple issued a statement today about the situation.

The governor’s aware that the tax commissioner has sought treatment for an alcohol addiction problem. The governor’s going to be speaking with the tax commissioner soon … he wants to speak with him about his health and his responsibilities.


Update 9/3/14 4:20pm: Tax Commissioner Rauschenberger has released a statement about the vehicle crash, as well as how he sought treatment at the Heartview Foundation.

I have been receiving in-patient and out-patient treatment for the disease. Yesterday, I had a relapse during which I showed poor judgment and lent my vehicle to an individual whom I met in treatment

This has not detoured Rauschenberger from considering re-election come this fall. Rauschenberger was appointed Tax Commissioner by Gov. Dalrymple when the previous Commissioner resigned to take a job in the private sector. Rauschenberg's took office on Jan. 1. His term expires at the end of this year, unless re-elected in this Fall's General Election.

I am firmly committed to doing everything necessary to deal effectively with this disease and I believe my prognosis is good. I will continue to serve the people of North Dakota to the best of my abilities and will run a vigorous campaign for election this fall.

Another noteworthy point: Rauschenberger's father, Ron Rauschenberger, is Gov. Dalrymple's Chief of Staff.