Fireworks have been banned for Morton and Burleigh counties in south central North Dakota.  Other counties around us such as Emmons, Grant and others have also adopted a "no fireworks policy."

Although fireworks are still being sold in Morton and Burleigh counties, it is very illegal to shoot them off, unless you have a commercial license or the city you live in has made their own determination you are allowed to do so.  The public should check with their local jurisdictions for specific restrictions.

If you do get busted shooting fireworks off, it could be a very costly situation for you.  In Morton County for example,  The penalty for violation of the burn ban or use of fireworks when prohibited is a Class B Misdemeanor (NDCC 37-17.1-10.1) with a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $1,500 fine.  YIKES, not worth it.  Same with Burleigh County.

So, best bet is to observe these fireworks shows with a commercial vendor who has a legal license to shoot off Fireworks.  Here's where you can get your Red, White and Bang fix in and around Bismarck Mandan.

Friday, July 2nd-Bismarck Larks "Red, White & Boom" night. Fireworks immediately following the game!

Saturday, July 3rd-Whispering Bay Bismarck-private showing but visible from Fox Island and other areas close.  Exact time of show unknown, but is expected after Kentucky Headhunters concert.

Saturday, July 3rd-Lakewood Mandan-private showing but visible from areas near the river.  Exact time of show unknown, but is expected after the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert.

Saturday, July 3rd-Dawson.

Sunday, July 4th-Captitol Bismarck-Free and open to the public on the Capitol grounds.  Show is expected to start around dusk. (10 pm)

Sunday, July 4th-Mandan Rodeo Days Dacotah Centennial Park-Show is expected to start around 11pm.

Sunday, July 4th-Driscoll North Dakota-This was reported by one of our listeners.

Also hearing of a show in Moffit.



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