Sports Illustrated released its Fortunate 50 – a list of the 50 richest athletes in America, based on salary, winnings, bonuses and endorsements for the current or most recent season. It will ruin your day.

This year’s rankings are topped by Floyd Mayweather, who’s bringing in a cool $90 million for a pair of bouts – one he fought this month and another one slated for September. With income like this, it's no wonder the man nicknamed 'Money' can afford to put down ludicrous bets. The $90 million total is just for his bouts; he doesn’t earn one red penny for any endorsements. At some point, Mayweather may have to take off his gloves to count the cash that is rolling in because he also finished first on the list last year with $85 million.

LeBron James took second, with a total of $56,545,000. You could argue he’s actually a bargain, since he “only” earns $17,545,000 in salary and winnings from the Heat, which doesn’t even make him the highest-paid player in the NBA. His $39 million in endorsements really propelled him to the silver medal on the list.

Here’s a peek at the top 10 of the Fortunate 50, along with the money they have raked in during the current or most recent season:

1. Floyd Mayweather - $90 million
LeBron James - $56.545 million
Drew Brees - $47.8 million
Kobe Bryant - $46.85 million
Tiger Woods - $40.8 million
Phil Mickelson - $39.528 million
Derrick Rose - $33.4 million
Peyton Manning - $31 million
Alex Rodriguez - $29.9 million
Zack Greinke - $29 million

For the complete list, click here. To feel better about your career choice, we suggest booze in your morning coffee.

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