Forget Amy Schumer. Don't even think about Louis C.K. Nope, the next big stand-up comedian is Chuck Esterly.

Esterly is an 89-year-old man from Cincinnati who recently performed stand-up comedy for the first time in front of an actual audience.

Esterly honed his (somewhat NSFW [but not really]) set at a comedy class at a local senior center and he killed it for the crowd, with his quips about aging and sex.

Esterly won over the crowd right from the get-go:

The manager, he wished me well and he said 'Don’t die out there.' I think he was talking about my jokes. When I left home tonight, my wife said, 'Break a leg.' The manager said, 'Break a hip.'"

Give this dude some serious credit. His jokes are solid, he's got good presence, is extremely likable and has good timing.

For all you people who've ever fantasized about taking the stage, but lacked the courage, think about this guy, who may be the most awesome octogenarian this side of this tough-as-nails Colorado Rockies fantasy camper.

All in all, we give him an "A." Our favorite joke? The one about the penis enlarger is simple, but well-crafted.

Bravo, Chuck.