Welcome to sub-zero weather that is North Dakota in the winter!  Now that it's here, here are some things to eat that will keep you warm. 

You're probably thinking things like soup which would be pretty obvious, but we can do better than that.

Whole Grain Pasta: The fiber in the complex carbs that exist in this will have your metabolism working overtime. Just so you know when you're body breaks down food like crazy, you get warm.

Oatmeal:  Like the pasta, the same ingredients work here ( Whole Grains), plus the fact that this nice and warm dish will allow you to double-dip on the heat.

Peanuts:  These have vitamin b3 in it which helps the blood flow/circulation to keep your body temperature high.

Lean Meat:  Iron-rich foods like lean meat and chicken are super helpful to keep you warm and there are so many ways to make different dishes with them.

For more ideas on recipes click on the link below.



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