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December is a great time for family, the Holidays, and of course the playoff picture in the NFL. 

As the Football season draws to a close the teams and the fanbases are glued to the tv, radio, youtube and other forms of media to get the latest scoop of news that might affect their race into the playoffs and eventually the Superbowl. Here are some of the storylines:

The Vikings were sitting pretty before the Rams surprised the Seahawks in LA so here's their situation;

They can clinch this week if they win and the Bears and the Rams lose.  They have the tricky Chargers this week so they might have to survive.  The Bears, on the other hand, have Green bay ( Nice!) While the Rams have the overrated Cowboys to deal with.

Kind of tough but can be doable...

The Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs with a win and the Rams loss but most likely will fight for the division with the Vikings on December 23rd in Minneapolis. Hopefully, it gets decided there because that game will be huge!

The Eagles are in a precarious position.  They nearly lost to the 2 win Giants on Monday but Carson Wentz brought them back to life. They need to win out, including a rematch with the more talented but in disarray Dallas Cowboys. They are still very banged up so we'll see what happens. 


Hopefully, your team is in the mix this year. One word of advice though, try not to get in yelling match with your siblings during holiday dinner. If your parents are like mine, you'll probably get the guilt trip for six months.. Enjoy!


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