A new sponsor - Bruno's Pizza, a chance for you to score some terrific food!

Shore Lunch has returned to 96.5 The Walleye! You have ONE job, and ONE job only weekdays between 11:00 am and Noon - be listening for two songs in a row from the same group/artist, and when you hear it, caller 9 at 663-9600 will WIN this from Bruno's Pizza!

Your choice of a Calzone...or a Wrap...or Pasta. Also, Cinnabites and a Pepsi product come with your lunch!  Bruno's Pizza - 90 East Front Ave

***** Check out this awesome deal - should you fail at Shore Lunch - You are STILL a Winner - For anyone that takes a look at their menu, and orders food on the phone - MAKE SURE you mention their Promo Code - TSM - and you'll get 30% off your order!*****




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