Deer season began on November 6th, a sea of orange went on their way, leaving behind loved ones - their mission? Simple - A Trophy Deer. Here is what all of our 25 contestants were really after - a $500 Gift Certificate to Mandan Sporting Goods, pizza for a YEAR from Bruno's Pizza, and BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR A FULL GLORIOUS YEAR ( That's my favorite part ). Our first entry? That came on opening day, Brandon Dunbar pulled down that honor. The next few weeks, of course, almost every single day brought at least another entry into the exclusive club. Out in the fields, there were visions of Bruno's pepperoni pizza and excellent sporting gear from Mandan Sporting Goods floating like clouds in the sky for all of our potential winners to dream about. Saturday the 14th of November, 8 days into our contest, my phone alerted me of an e-mail, a contestant waiting to be processed by myself -  it came from a school teacher here in Bismarck. I logged his name, and put up his picture on our page for all to see - Justin Zainhofsky had just entered the game. 

Voting began on the 23rd, the week of Thanksgiving. Everyone had a chance to put in their vote. Yesterday the final results were easily calculated, and a winner by a long shot stood modestly by - Justin Zainhofsky narrowly EEKED out a win over Monte Nilsen - FIRST PLACE 389 votes - SECOND PLACE 196 votes. Here is the final finishing order of our 2020 Buck Bragging payout :

Justin Zainhofsky

Monte Nilsen

Jackson Wolf

Eric Williams

David Heid

Grant Long

Dara Reinhardt

Phil Nelson

Frank Brendel

Darold Hafner

Emma Guthmiller

Curtis Friez

Landon Jahner

Brandon Dunbar

Hunter Koble

Jen Anderson

David Cross

Jaiden Bauer

Brady Helm

Trenton Fischer

Ben Hapip

Joann Huett

Trevor Knudson

Jason Coffey

Jimmy Francisco

  A HUGE thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible - Mandan Sporting Goods and Bruno's Pizza.


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