Who doesn't want their opinion to be heard? The great debate over what the greatest movie of all time is, or what's the lamest excuse you've ever given when calling in sick.

We all have our favorites, our dislikes, where the best pizza place in town is etc. So weekdays, on the Bromo Billboard, a different question for you to boldly pronounce your views, your statement, your anger, it's a feature designed for your participation.

The coolest part is, you can be as creative with your answers as possible, or just a simple "yes" or "no" will be enough. Listen, we ALL know SOME people can rant and rave all damn day long, that's the beauty of expression.

The time to be heard is NOW, bring it to me. The one thing I want, is for you to be able to express yourself, whether you are positive, negative, or just full of crap. The place for you to sound off is here




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