You may not even know this place is here - I never did, but NOW I am grateful for finding these 3 amazing people

They have a small office, inside a two-story building they share at 1142 W Turnpike Ave Suite 5-one of their neighbors right down the hallway - 31:8 Project -   I recently did an article on - Their business card says it all - "Wall Of Honor - A Salute To Local Heroes"  In my book Tammy Ibach, Mark Dever, and Cole Gendreau are heroes as well.

The Wall of Honor is a digital indoor billboard showcasing our veterans, active military personnel, all emergency responders, and medical personnel.

It all began about 3 years ago - July 1st, 2020 - when a Vietnam Vet came up with a brilliant idea on how to honor his country, and all the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. A digital indoor billboard flashing pictures and bios from loved ones who served in our military. From 3 years ago to the present day, there are over 130 plus locations that have these 55-inch big TV screens - such places as the Fargo airport, all Bismarck High Schools - some restaurants, banks etc. You never know when someone will drop by their office - this morning a gentleman from Baldwin stopped by and dropped off a picture of his brother who was a fighter pilot in Vietnam - his fallen brother will now be one of the 2,500 honorees that are on the Wall Of Honor.

The whole operation is right here - in our city. 

Once again we should always take a moment or two, more than once a year, to reflect and remember the brave  - This Non-Profit group is a blessing. All three of them agree that absolutely without a doubt their favorite part of their job is talking with vets, and hearing their stories. Here is the most important thing, if you know of anyone that would like to submit an honoree, check out their FB page, and head to their website -

My own personal "thank you"... Tammy Ibach, Mark Dever, and Cole Gendreau - for allowing so many family members, friends, and anyone who loves our freedom that others lost their lives protecting, to be able to add to and honor The Wall Of Honor.

The Wall Of Honor Facebook
The Wall Of Honor Facebook

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