In my opinion - "celebrities come and celebrities go" - North Dakota's Tigirlily Gold is so much more than that

These two talented ladies from Hazen, North Dakota are about the sweetest people you will ever meet. WE ( North Dakotans ) are privileged and honored to follow their success and rise in the Country music scene. I have a quick personal story about Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh -  a moment I will never forget.

I want to say about 3 years ago, these two came to Bismarck

They took time out of their busy day to stop by our studios in Mandan.


I thanked them for their song "I Remember" - how it reminded me of my parents who are no longer with me, I REMEMBER how sincere they were, with me, with such caring warm smiles, they made me feel like they were family. That's the beauty of Tigirlily Gold.  

Tigirlily Gold YouTube

"Keith and Bonnie"

Just yesterday these amazing sisters posted something truly wonderful:

"Every guitar has a story, and this is the story of “Bonnie”
In our hometown of Hazen, ND there weren’t many people who knew anything about guitars. One day when I was about 12 or 13 I broke a guitar string right before a gig and panicked because I didn’t know how to change them yet. Keith (pictured below) came to my rescue and taught me how to change my strings for the first time and eventually sold me my very first Taylor guitar. I used it for every gig for several years and still use it to this day. This was the guitar I learned so much on. Though, I never named the guitar…
Keith and his wife Bonnie were and still are good family friends and were always extremely encouraging and supportive of us. A couple of years ago, Bonnie passed away suddenly. This hit both of us very hard. That night, I was sitting in my room looking at the guitar Keith sold me, and it occurred to me that the name of the guitar had always been “Bonnie”
Now, I always play “Bonnie” for special occasions or when I need a little extra luck. I played her at our Opry debut and again when Keith came to visit Nashville this past weekend… our performance was for Bonnie. I know if I have a little bit of home with me, I can’t ever be too nervous. “Bonnie” is my most reliable, oldest guitar, and takes good care of me everywhere we go. I’m sure thankful for a guardian angel whenever I’m traveling with her. "
Tigirlily Gold Facebook
Tigirlily Gold Facebook
Not only do they have angelic voices...

...they also have an incredible way of making you feel special. Tigirlily Gold - such a gift to Hazen, and all of North Dakota,  AND to country music.

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