A second anniversary 

"If you are diagnosed with cancer, know it's okay to be scared but don't let that become your identity. Stay positive, and find one good thing every day if you look around, you will find at least ONE GOOD THING to keep you going. You Got This!" --encouraging words spoken by Rebecca Wanner ( aka BEC from Tigger And Bec - Mornings on US 103.3) ...just yesterday she had her second anniversary of "ringing the bell"

I've had the opportunity to have worked with her here at Townsquare Media, in Mandan. 

I've been at this building ( radio station ) for over 4 years. I watched a wonderful lady battle cancer with strength and dignity. On her most painful days, she STILL came into work to soothe all of Bisman with her personality and love for her city - Dolly Dakota lost her fight in late December of last year. All of us - fellow workers, friends, family. and her "other" family ( listeners ) grieved - one person in particular, Rebecca understood more than others what Dolly was going through...

Dolly Dakota:
Prior to making my first trip to Mayo when we were desperate of whom to talk to that understood the journey I was about to endure. Jeff reached out to longtime friend Dolly Dakota. Within minutes of receiving the text Dolly was calling me personally; and talking me through everything I needed to be a "warrior" and beat this demon, cancer. Dolly Dakota told me to create a "Battle Binder". That Battle Binder grew to contain every phone number ever received, a copy of every doctor appointment summary, all bloodwork and notes of progression or setbacks. Today, I strongly believe that had her guidance, friendship and constant mentoring of my situation - I would not have survived. Dolly taught me that it was OKAY to continue to question, learn and fight for what my intuition aka gut was telling me. We were cancer sisters, and I miss her dearly.
Rebecca Wanner aka BEC
Rebecca Wanner aka BEC

A Facebook Post from October 4th, 2021

"It's Not BRAVE
If You're Not SCARED
This summer in June 2021, I was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully we have caught it early, however it is being a bugger in not revealing the "primary" location.
I found the tumor in a deep in a breast back in November 2020, 3D mammogram imaging cleared it...The end of May I noticed the lump had grown... Still imaging had a hard time deciphering, it was about to be written off again as simply a mass older women have, Luckily last minute my age was noticed... Thank goodness for "gut feelings".
Biopsies were performed confirming Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Breast, Triple Negative. This is NOT skin cancer, the tumor is deep in a breast.
This type of cancer should never have shown up in the Breast. We learned there is a less than <1% chance of this happening.
I'm an anomaly...have been told that before!... lol... I am good with not being one for awhile!
After multiple trips to Mayo in Rochester, (including MRIs, PETscan, Bone Scan, Bloodwork, etc..) North Dakota team has coordinated with Mayo a game plan.
I am receiving a "Lung" cancer treatment even though I do NOT have lung cancer (I am not a smoker)... and I do NOT have breast cancer.
But as Mayo and my oncologists were unable to find the primary tumor after 5 months of searching, the oncology team no longer wants to prolong treatment.
A Port was placed last Thursday(10/07/2021), and Today, October 14th, 2021 we began the first of 12 weekly Chemo (Taxol & Carbo) treatments plus the immunotherapy drug Keytruda.
We have opted for Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, North Dakota as they offer private treatment rooms, can have a visitor along... And after a lot of research - am going to attempt to keep my hair. We will make the 3 hour trip one day per week, weather permitted. Thankful I can do bloodwork the day before, in hopes of avoiding surprises and work around weather.
After the 12 chemo weeks are complete, surgery to remove the tumor will occur and lastly 8 weeks of daily radiation.
So please, have a minute... really appreciate a prayer or two for Jeff & I, my mom (Lois Wanner) & my family.❤��
Know that I am extremely thankful for each and every one of you.. God has blessed me with so many Wonderful People and Friends.❤
❤Remember - I am Cowboy tough,
And there's never been a Bronc...
I didn't get back on.
~BEC & Jeff~
 So just how amazing is it when you "Ring the bell?"
"Cancer patients often ring a brass bell to mark the end of their treatment, usually in an oncology unit or radiation treatment suite. The ceremony is often public and includes the patient, family, friends, and staff. Patients may ring the bell three times, and recite a poem about completing treatment "  - mdanderson.org
        Yesterday marked two years since Rebecca picked up the bell.
 What I have been privileged to be a small part of is this...
I listened to Dolly many times sharing her life with others, and Rebecca does the same thing - our listeners in Bismarck and Mandan are more than that, they become family:
"Good morning Tigger and Bec. CONGRATULATIONS  on kicking cancers ass!!!! Today is definitely a day to be celebrating There is no way we would be able to defeat something like that without our strong support system consisting of God, friends and family. So a big thank you goes out to them. Way to go!! P.S. Tigger don’t let this go to your head but I think you are definitely a keeper. " (candy, Bismarck - 04/25 @ 07:58am)
Once again my point is, that we are all ONE when it comes to supporting each other who faces this horrendous foe.
Paying It Forward
"Paying It Forward
Humbled. That is the word to describe how one feels once sharing a journey as this. Realizing the lengths people will go to show their love, support and keep you in their prayers. I had family, friends new and old who came forward begging to please be a part of my journey. Individuals driving 90 minutes in the early hours of the morning to pick me up and personally take me my treatments in Fargo, which was an additional 3 hour drive. People hearing of my story over national radio to social media; reaching out with kind words to sending me gifts weekly to let me know that I was loved. One fellow cancer survivor even sent me a special package every single week.
Today I pay it forward by being more kind, empathic and looking for ways to help others. Another way, is I try to set an example for others going through a cancer battle. Attitude is everything. Positivity paves the way to a successful outcome. It doesn't matter the struggle or hurdle in life, there will be scary obstacles that leave a lasting scar. However if one can look at the good vs the bad, keep that glass half full in a realistic manner, it is amazing what our mind, bodies and attitude can accomplish. The old saying is very true, "Get bucked off, You get back"
Rebecca Wanner aka BEC
Rebecca Wanner aka BEC


Rebecca Wanner aka BEC
Rebecca Wanner aka BEC


Congratulations Rebecca and to all who have "Rung the bell" and are about to for the first time!!!

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