"Alcoholism is a selfish disease"...

That I agree. As a matter of fact as an alcoholic, according to thehaynesclinic.com "The first thing to understand is that the most important thing to an alcoholic is alcohol. They still love their families and care about their friends. But this goes alongside their alcoholism and when their need for alcohol is an absolute top priority" I'm coming up on 15 years of sobriety, I'm STILL an alcoholic AND I'm STILL Selfish - not for the drink, but for people to listen to my podcast.

"There Is A Way Out"

In my darkest of days, I walked the hallways at work expecting to stroke out at any minute - my high blood pressure, dehydration, and constant dependency on alcohol made me a "Ticking time bomb". I was saved by many people, my higher power ( God ), and 2 separate recovery homes in San Diego for 13 months. I have a podcast called "There Is A Way Out" - I invite you to listen in.

"For anyone who may feel there is no hope. I have felt the anguish of having to drink every day, and at times it was impossible to think of staying sober for just one day. I want to share my strength, hope, and experience with others" 

Once again, I am selfish for the fact that I believe others gain something from listening to my segments. My hope is others will soon share their story and know that it doesn't matter if you have had 20 years or 20 minutes sober - the bottom line is to be of service to others, and that's why I am doing this - IF I can help ONE person, they can pass that on to someone else who is hurting.

Here is where you can go to listen: This is an ongoing podcast and I hope to stay selfish as long as possible.

Click here to listen:  https://965thewalleye.com/radio-on-demand/


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