What a glorious day at the Dakota Zoo

Today was just about as perfect as you can get. Townsquare Media was out at the Dakota Zoo for an event that brought out goblins, ghouls, monsters ( I'm not talking about our on-air staff ). I'm talking about Zoo Boo. The morning started out on the brisk side of temperatures in the high 40s, the sun fighting with the clouds to make an appearance in the afternoon. The common goal was simple, to walk around the park and get an early trick or treat in amid all the wonderful animals.

Dakota Zoo does everything right

Last year this event was canceled, so you could tell that so many people were excited and ready for today. Dakota Zoo really does a special job of providing something for everyone, and today the theme was taking your kids around the Zoo in their Halloween costumes and scoring some candy from so many different groups that were passing out treats, helping raise money. According to dakotazoo.org Terry Lincoln Zoo Director had this to say “Zoo Boo is an excellent opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe, enjoyable and supervised environment. The money raised at this fundraiser will help us care for the zoo critters through the long winter months.”

A huge crowd came out to enjoy the Zoo and feel part of the Halloween spirit

It was so evident from the happy smiles from the kids to their parents, that this was THE  place to be in Bismarck. Surrounded by critters and being out and about on a Halloween eve Saturday, everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. That's a huge compliment to the Dakota Zoo.

Zoo Boo Bliss


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