Just a mere 110 miles from Bismarck to a brand-new restaurant opened in March

The excitement was building for what seemed like forever -  Have you ever eaten at a Popeyes? Check it out, there are 3,138 of these around the United States, and two are in North Dakota - Minot finally opened one.

Fargo, Minot Air Force Base ( not open to the public ) and...

...the Grand Opening of Popeyes Louisiana in MINOT, back in March. Check out the news that so many people have been waiting for a long time: This came from their Facebook page:

🎈🎊 Grand Opening Alert in Minot! 🎊🎈
We're fired up and ready to go! Training? Check. Chicken? Perfectly fried. Staff? Pumped and at the ready. It's all systems go for a flavor-packed launch. 🚀🍗
Join us this Monday morning  TODAY! at 10 AM for the grand event. Be one of the first to savor our delicious offerings and experience the magic of our newest location.
See you there, Minot foodies – let's make this opening grand!"

So what do you think? Are you with me on a road trip as soon as possible?

Go ahead and set your GPS address at 325 28th Ave SW. The site of Minot's Popeyes Louisiana.  I think this is awesome - and with restaurants and fast food places opening fairly close to us here in Bismarck and Mandan, it keeps us motivated to stay hopeful for new opportunities. I remember how excited people were when they were building Panda Express over by Costgo almost two years ago. As I always say, forward progress is always important. My final question - "When will Bismarck get one?"

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