Most who have had their home, car, or even their self - blurred -  have a reason for it

Ah, the ultimate privacy is instantly taken away by one of these dreaded things ...

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's funny and amazing at the same time just how much territory this pest can control. I have to admit I have no clue how many of these photo-snapping vehicles are making their rounds - no clue on how often, how their routes are planned - they do have a system, a method I would imagine on capturing every street, small or big house on this planet - even here in Bismarck and Mandan.

What if someone told you YOUR house was blurred, and you never knew that - then you started wondering...WHY?

Well just be somewhat relieved that you wouldn't be the first that had their house blurred - by the way, I hate to deliver even more bad news - the blur is permanent! Check this out - from last year according to

My home has been blurred on Google Maps Street View

This seemed to have happened not long ago. I know a lot of people have reported the same problem and that Google just basically tells them that the image is removed permanently.

This is insane, I never requested my home to be blurred, I never received a confirmation email from Google so it sounds like someone had requested the blur without my permission or could it have been triggered by me replacing my fences from wood to PVC and adding two Private Property signs and no solicitors? Because I've had issues with some neighbors before (one ran her truck into my new fences and someone trying to force open my gates, damaging it a bit) and people annoying us with offers. I wouldn't put it past one of the neighbors blurring my house out of spite.
This is unacceptable. I don't know how this will affect the process when I sell my home in the near future. How can I properly answer someone who asks why the house is blurred?
There really needs to be an option to have the blur removed. The image is currently from 2011 and I haven't moved in until 2016.

I guess there's no resolution at the moment, but any help would greatly be appreciated.
Guess what his response back to him was? Good news maybe.....?
"hello mike,
welcome to the google maps community forum!
not much more can be done, but to give feedback directly to google, and/or to try publishing your own imagery"
Gee thanks...
So there you have it - tell the Google car to "Beat it" next time you see it.

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