"If you build it they will come" - THE famous chant you faintly hear when Kevin Costner is out in the corn fields...

...those seven words became famous back in 1989 when the movie "Field Of Dreams"   - this baseball fantasy if you will, really intrigued audiences by turning a farm in Iowa, into a good old-fashioned baseball diamond with lights and bleachers for a select few people. I promise not to ruin any more of this classic film, but the burning desire to get a huge cornfield converted into a baseball field while battling all the roadblocks that attempted to get in his way is a huge part of this charming movie.

In Bloomington, Minnesota - Mall Of America is wondering the same thing..."If WE Build it Will They Come?"

This idea for an exciting addition to the Mall has been in the works for quite some time, now things are looking encouraging - according kstp.com to  "Mall of America and the City of Bloomington are ‘still interested’ in moving forward with plans for a massive waterpark, despite the project currently being on hold. For the first time since planning began five years ago, the mall publicly shared renderings of the project, which they believe would be the largest indoor waterpark in the country"

So, judging by this amazing picture...kfst.co

..."If They Build It Will You Come?"  I can only imagine all the awesome things this indoor waterpark will provide - imagine an area you could safely drop off your kids while you go shopping all day? A perfect day to get away from the summer heat, OR a winter freeze? Keep your fingers crossed and your beach towels ready!



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