The coronavirus has baffled us all. The continuing results that come in from every conceivable source is frustrating. The clear facts are that this virus is taking lives. The proportion from people who have died from the disease varies strikingly from country to country. The clear stats that came in Sunday afternoon, from the people that perished after being diagnosed with the virus — 32,137 out of the 685,623 who have tested positive for Covid-19 around the world. Studies that are being shared, are the average ages of those that have passed on. Then of course, there are those that keep trying to compare the virus to that of a normal flu bug.

The mystery to ME is this, after the last couple of weeks, seeing schools close/ big time sports coming to an immediate halt, entertainment venues such as casinos in Las Vegas SHUT their doors temporarily, how can anyone not take this seriously? The best medicine we can all take is a healthy dose of COMMON SENSE. Take heed from the warnings that are issued. The article that you can READ more of, has facts and figures to take note of, and it also raises eye brows among many.

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