A North Dakota movie theater is offering vaccine-only movie showings.

There is a North Dakota theater that is giving patrons the opportunity to view vaccine-friendly movie options. According to Valley News Live, West Acres Cinema in Fargo will be offering two vaccine-only movie titles a day. That means, at certain times for certain movies, patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination status as well as a photo ID to view the movie.

Fargo has generally been the first North Dakota city to implement pandemic-related restrictions in the state.

Fargo has definitely led the way when it comes to falling into line with COVID-19 rules and regulations. And other North Dakota cities have tended to follow suit as Fargo makes its protocols. So, it will not be surprising if we see other North Dakota movie theaters doing something similar to what Weste Acres Cinema is doing.

What is the point of vaccine-only movie showings?

I understand that the theater is attempting to make all guests comfortable by offering vaccine-only movie showings. But it is hard to see where people actually benefit from something like a vaccine-only theater. Seriously, the report says that only two titles a day are vaccine-friendly. That implies that the vaccine-friendly options move around daily. And that thought seems to be like such a hassle for everyone involved.

If they were actually trying to make the theaters vaccine-friendly, there is going to be a need for a lot of extra cleaning and people checking tickets with vaccine cards. On top of that, they will likely need to do seating assignments so people are not too close together. They should probably also require negative COVID-19 tests for vaccine-only patrons.

How do you feel about West Acres Cinema offering vaccine-only movie showings?

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