Our annual birthday rolls around, for some, it's just another day, others however, make it an event. There are parties built around that special day, events planned that promise to instill solid memories. Marlene Kraft from Bismarck was turning 80-she had her eye on Monday, the 30th of March. What to do?

The thought of a party bus filled with friends/loved ones, taking off to a casino for the day, seemed the perfect way to celebrate.That idea came crashing down thanks to the coronavirus. Yep, the social distance factor. Obviously a full bus load of happy-go-lucky party people is not recommended in our world right now.

Well then, I guess a quiet evening at home, with a birthday cake and 80 candles shimmering away will have to suffice. The rallying crowd said "Heck no" to the birthday gal lounging at home, SO a caravan, a bevy of Marlene's friends, family took to the streets in an inspirational car parade. The love was in the air, honking,waving, and just flat-out celebrating the life of a spirited lady! Check out some of the awesome PHOTOS.

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