4:40 seconds.....two videos that will make you cringe, a video that makes you shake your head in misbelief, a video that will make you angry

Blistering heat conditions seem to make everything worse - little things may irritate you just a little more. Last Friday was another ugly day of temps. 19-year-old Jacob Nistler, his mom, and his brother's girlfriend were driving around enjoying the cool air blowing inside their car when suddenly an incident happened which felt like hours but lasted for a good 20 - 30 minutes.

"I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't come across any little kids in his path..."

Jacob saw a man walking the sidewalks in what obviously was a self-induced fit of anger. As the three followed this guy, they observed moments of just violent moves -kicking a neighbor's fence. As a matter of fact, just before Jacob began videotaping this man allegedly broke several fences, and smashed a lawn ornament into pieces. He paused several times to flip off motorists in passing. Jacob began tailing this individual around Capitol and 8th street. At one shocking moment, this unpredictable guy walked into a front yard and tore a United States flag off its pole. As the video continues, he stops in a parking lot and lights it on fire, dropping it on the ground, and letting it lay in a crumpled heartbreaking pile. At this point, Jacob had called 911, and not long after the disturbed man entered Tom O'Leary golf course and disappeared.

Sources say the man was found by police

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