North Dakota Stands Alone!

We all know how awesome and unique living in North Dakota is, but there are so many people outside of our State that would raise an eyebrow and have not a clue of what some of our rituals are. What I mean is, that there is no way that anyone can even begin to relate our ways of life. It's something we should for the most part be proud of - makes us unique, and we stand out alone, right? We do have the tag "North Dakota Nice" which is extremely accurate, all you have to do is go the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page and read about all the wonderful things people do for each other out here.

Ok let's get to the obvious, our weather

North Dakotans know for a fact that one of the biggest things we face is the weather. Most people can't comprehend that one day it could be in the 70s and less than 24 hours later it's 30 degrees cooler. Now I know that old expression we have heard a thousand times over "You don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes...", but it's so true. Now there are a ton of things North Dakotans that others can't even relate to, and I'm quite sure you know of many others I won't even mention.  With that, let me give you some ways of North Dakota life that may seem odd to others.

Here are just 6 things that other people may find Unthinkable

6 Normal Things For North Dakota That Others Find Odd

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