It's almost becoming an everyday thing lately

The lousy part of this whole thing is, that most of us can relate 100% to the almost daily posts we see on social media pages, like the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page for instance. How many times have we seen blurry images taken from strategic driveway/porch cameras? The punks that roam around the streets looking for cars to break in late at night appear to show no fear, even the most brazen of thieves just shrug off the latest technologies, almost challenging the police to catch them.

Not shocking at all to read that Bismarck Police have reported an increase in car break-ins this month

So what's the best thing we can do to TRY and prevent this from happening? I would think that common sense would remind us all NOT to leave things in the car that shouts out "Hey come steal me" - items like a purse obviously, or maybe packages that are left in the backseat. I did find it interesting to read what the Bismarck Police just recently said - According to "Police are reminding you to lock your cars and take your valuables inside after a string of car break-ins here in Bismarck. Bismarck Police say they have seen an increase in reported car break-ins this month, and that usually means the crime is being done by the same person."  Also, they pointed out THE most obvious - LOCK YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS! " “You don’t see a window getting broken..." the police told

Let's all be aware of our surroundings and our cars

That's the best we can do, parking your car in a well-lit area wouldn't hurt either, making it harder for a punk(s) to act.


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