Well, it's Friday, I have wracked my tiny brain all day long trying to find something intelligent to write about...I may have failed with this attempt

Have you ever had one of those days where your brain just fails to get the memo? One of our jobs here at work is to engage our community with local articles. I love to look for human interest stories, and one of my favorite resources is the Bismarck People Reporting News Group page on Facebook. The range of topics that BisMan residents post on here is amazing. Lost pets, people looking for work, AND advice ( these are usually the most informative, or in this case entertaining. 

Doesn't matter the size of the city, "dumpster diving" exists everywhere

Just the two words "Dumpster Diving" are easy to figure out, and it doesn't just involve homeless people looking for something to eat. Have you ever heard that old expression "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" This couldn't be more true as people rummage through dumpsters all the time, the problem for one Bismarck People Reporting News ( BPRN ) group member is those that scatter the trash bags all over the parking lot looking for whatever they have their mind set on - SO the question was, does anyone have any ideas on HOW to keep people from doing that?

A little high-voltage won't hurt anyone

Hey, how about hooking up an electric fence and turning it on HIGH?.....OR try hiring an ARMED guard? So those ideas I'm going to say are just a tad extreme - leave it to a few people who just a second ago genuinely made me laugh out loud - one kind thought that was mentioned was "Hey try pouring used cat litter in there", this idea was followed up quicker than a feline lifting its tail - "...OR you can just take a CR&P in there yourself"




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