The title of this story pretty much says it all, however, there is plenty more than just soapy suds and clean sheets

I came across this wonderful program on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page - and in my opinion, it's perfect. It's simple, and to me, it is ideal for those who truly for others - like Tami.

"Laundry Love" - A National Program, with only TWO in North Dakota

"Laundry Love" is a National Program that Tami here in Bismarck got in contact with - based out of Washington and Oregon. I had a chance to talk with her this afternoon, she works in Health Care. Bismarck and Jamestown are the only two cities that have this program. Here is what the flyer says:

: Laundry Love:


                         Monthly on the 3rd Thursday 5:30 - 7:30 pm


                        Boulevard Laundromat, 1310 E. Boulevard Ave, Bismarck   

                       ********** "The Happy Hamper"**********


                        Laundry Love will provide funds and detergent to WASH & DRY 

                        your clothing, and or bedding. Earth Breeze

                        FOR QUESTIONS or MORE INFO CONTACT:

                        Tami at 701-226-8258


Here is what I love so much about this program. and for what Tami told me

"Being able to help those that are struggling. I want to live life with people that may not have everything I do - I want them to know I really care" - This is the passion and huge heart that Tami has. For two months Tami and Laundry Love has been helping others stay nice and shiny clean. Laundy Love has easily washed a total of 9 or 10 loads for one individual -  the one thing that Tami told me was that the whole "loading their clothes from the washer to the dryer AND folding their own laundry was up to them"

Thank you to Tami and others who aim to "clean up our city with HUGE hearts and plenty of Earth Breeze"

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