One thing I think we can all agree on, lately we haven't had a whole lot to laugh at, have we? Our economy has just been leveled, people have lost their jobs, and our very own homes have become like dungeons - All thanks to the coronavirus. The "Stay at home" orders were felt all around the country, March was 31 days of pent up anguish/boredom and frustration. We are all aware of all the bad, it's time for a brief shot of real-life comedy. Switching gears to the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns, easily the laughing stock of football the last 5 years ( 17 wins 62 loses 1 tie ) including their dazzling 0 and 16 2017 season!

Ok look, a few awful years, let's not completely call them losers, the dark days are behind them, the Browns are doing their best to restore faith with the dog pound snarling fans. With the whole coronavirus destroying everything in its path, someone has come up with a clever way to raise some much-needed money for the COVID-19 relief efforts. The Browns are going to put forth their effort in the "All In Challenge" -with a bold and cunning idea - A fan will make a bid to call the first 15 plays of Cleveland pre-season game. I can just see it now, some dude gets his chance for glory, and calls for every wacky play ever designed! How about going for a 72-yard field goal? How about a quarterback sneak on 4th down and 28? Why not? I'm thinking they may just find a hidden genius. For more on this click here. Warning: The article contains some rough language.


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