The coronavirus has effect so many people, that's becoming hauntingly clear. All around the world, people are losing their lives to this ghastly virus. The last three weeks, we've seen so many changes, businesses suffering, un-employment is extremely high, the economy is staggering. We've also had to come to get used to "Social Isolation". There are now cities who have mandatory limits-STAY AT HOME.

I have to say, I'm very impressed for the POSITIVE I am hearing, people are trying their best to do their part in hopes this pesty virus will somehow disappear. There are those, that refuse to cave in, and feel forced to stay in hibernation. This is where it gets dicey, several priests from around the world have been arrested for not following through local and government orders.This is a tragic deal all around, people with broken spirits, no job etc. When religious leaders "Look the other way", and do what THEY believe is best for themselves and others, they are not standing tall, and complying with what is asked of them. The only thing we need to worry about, is staying together, and helping out our neighbor, with encouragement, and keeping our heads clear. Those that flat-out refuse, are destined to be a disappointment in so many eyes. Here are some examples of those that have been ARRESTED.

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