Nothing says "Happy St Paddy's day " like the return of the St. Patrick's Day themed milkshake at McDonald's known as the Shamrock Shake.

Just one month and three days from now, everyone's favorite drinking holiday will take place on March 17th and now you can celebrate will all the festive drinks...which are obviously non-alcoholic and in the form of a minty green milkshake made with McDonald's soft-serve blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and served with a whipped topping.

McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back on the menu and available now through March 24th. You can also find McDonald's near you that are serving the festive shake with the McDonald's app.

If you can't find McDonald's near you with the Shamrock Shake, the chances are they've run out or they have some sort of weird policy against festive holiday-themed beverages. More than likely, the situation will be the former of those two.

Now that you don't have Valentine's Day to stress about, feel free to indulge in all the Shamrock Shakes you can handle!


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