What a great activity for the family!

The company is called Triple Ax and they are opening their doors today in Fargo.

Fun for the family?  That's kind of odd when you think about it but it actually is. All you have to do is sign a liability waiver and learn how to throw to participate. You also have to wear closed toe shoes which is understandable.  Here's the official writeup for the sport :

Kalberg and Baumgartner threw axes at Bad Axe Throwing in Minneapolis. They thought Fargo could be a good location for a similar business.

“We mentioned it to the Bad Axe guy, (and asked) ‘Are you going to open a franchise?’ And he said, ‘probably not.’ And so we decided we might as well do it ourselves,” Kalberg said.

Triple Ax can be fun for the whole family. Anyone age 10 and older is welcome with a parent or legal guardian.

The only dress requirement is that everyone wears closed-toe shoes. Customers are encouraged to wear something they’re comfortable to move in. Flannels are optional, but highly recommended.

As a precaution and to make sure they know what they’re getting into, each customer signs a liability waiver. Before the axes start flying, a coach helps each thrower understand the rules, safety measures and how to properly toss the ax. Axes are provided, but patrons may bring in their own, as long as it isn’t a double-bit ax.

If coming in alone, it will cost $20 to lock down a single target for one hour, or $35 for two hours. For $80, a group of up to eight lumberjacks can lock down a private lane (two targets) for an hour.

Businesses can even have their staff come in to hold corporate events or team-building activities there, Baumgartner said.

To start off, there will be no alcohol at Triple Ax. Kalberg said that, down the line, there’s a chance they will obtain a beer and wine license. For the time being, items such as chips and soda will be available. Kalberg said they also want to include the area’s mobile eateries.

“Right now, we definitely have plans to bring food trucks,” he said. “Whoever wants to show up and whenever they feel like it, we’ll open the garage doors and people can grab whatever they want from them.”

Baumgartner and Kalberg are excited about their residential, south Fargo location, but were looking to have their primary location in the northern part of town. If business at the main location goes well, Triple Ax could have more than one spot.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Baumgartner said of the chances of expansion down the line. “We’d probably want to get closer to the colleges for the students and kind of get into that area once we’re able to expand.”

For now, success looks like people simply having a good time while throwing sharp objects at wooden targets.

“Honestly, if people just have fun, that’d be good,” Kalberg said. “That’s all I want.”

For more information, visit tripleax.com, call 701-561-6906 or email tripleax@outlook.com.

Now that's an activity not for the faint of heart. 

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