In our lifetime, we've probably all come across a jerk, an idiot, a FIRST CLASS douchebag. I remember back in my high school years, there was one or two of them, that made my day hell.They knew how to grind me into the playground, choosing ME as their target during dodgeball.Making fun of me anyway they could in the classroom.The examples I just brought up are acts of hate, they are played out by bullies. Every town, city, country has them.

The cool thing, is that most "tough guys/girls" mature ( finally ), and move on to conduct normal lives, without torturing anyone else again. The not-so-cool thing, is that some mischievous minors grow up to be monsters. These ogres never do fit in, they usually are loners at work, with a long record of problems with society. They go about their day spreading negativity and disdain. The little things in life set them off, like simple precautionary measures set in place at a public store for instance. When the whole world's nerves are on edge, this is where the Hall Of Famer Moron shines.Check out this loser.

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