How many times have we heard that expression - "What goes up, must come down" - WELL never has that been more accurate than the last six days in Minnesota. Let's start off with last Wednesday night, 52-year-old Greg Gifford - a member of the US aerobatics flying team, made an emergency landing while flying his single-engine Bellanca Viking, on a highway in a suburb of St. Paul. reported that two other passengers along with Gifford, were uninjured when his plane landed in the middle lane of the highway, just ahead of two cars, and came to a rest after striking a vehicle. “Pilots are trained to deal with emergency engine problems and things like that if you have to make an emergency landing, and so the combination of that training and certainly (Gifford’s) aerobatic training really paid off in this situation,”  Check out the rest of this story and for the amazing video by clicking here.

A calm ordinary Saturday morning in Rochester turned into quite a scene when a hot air balloon came down to earth and planted itself onto Jeff and Petra Cochran’s driveway. reported that Mike Lesmeister, a hot air balloon operator who was not in that balloon, posted on Facebook that the balloon became wind stalled. The pilot of the balloon did not return a call for commentPetra said she was upstairs when all of a sudden, her dog started freaking out. “I looked out, and there was half a balloon hanging out over the house,” she said. Once again, for more on this crazy story click here.

Two dangerous situations that could have easily turned deadly.



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