The 6th Annual Dakota Garden Expo’s seminar and demonstration schedule has been set for April 20th and 21st.

Fill your scheduled with these informative presentations put on by the NDSU Extension Service.

Friday, April 20th

Seminars: Upper Level Classrooms

  • Coping with Drought in Your Backyard, 5 PM
  • Juneberries for Everyone, 6 PM
  • It's Time to Prune Your Apple Tree,7 PM

Demonstrations: Exhibit Floor

  • Vegetable Container Gardening: Ways to Maximize Small Spaces, 6 PM
  • Caring for Garden Tools, 7 PM

Saturday, April 21st

Seminars: Upper Level Classrooms

9:30 AM

  • Common Problems of Tomatoes and Potatoes, Room A
  • Container Gardening: Perennials, Shrubs, Herbs, Veggies and Annuals, Room B
  • Design a Drought-Tolerant Garden, Room C

10:30 AM

  • Haskaps and Honeyberries: Blueberries for the Northern Plains, Room A
  • Small Ornamental Trees, Room B
  • Trendy and Healthy Houseplants, Room C

11:30 AM

  • Growing Ornamental Grasses, Room A
  • Maples for the Northern Plains, Room B
  • Wine and Table Grapes for the Backyard, Room C

12:30 PM

  • Pollinator Gardens, Room A
  • Promising Vegetable Varieties for 2018, Room B

Demonstrations: Exhibit Floor

  • Dehydrating Vegetables, 12 PM
  • Painting Rocks for Your Garden, 1 PM

Subject to Minor Changes

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