What a whirlwind of a year, to put it somewhat lightly. No point in going over all we have lived through since March. I have heard so many people talk lately about Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are in for quite a day, filled with suggestions from our governor - to avoid traveling and stay away from large gatherings - these are requests aimed at slowing down the rampant spread of the coronavirus. Hey, on the bright side, maybe that will keep you from the old "double-dipping" - you know, thanksgiving at your significant other's family, and then coming back to your own. That will help keep some extra holiday weight off your waistline.

Will you wake up tomorrow with a feeling of disappointment, that Thanksgiving is ruined this year, spoiled? There are many who have lost sight of what the true meaning of turkey day is all about. Professional Football will still be on, the traditional white meat, dark meat at the dinner table, and of course your uncle taking a five-hour nap. To me, it's understandable that people feel robbed, for not being able to see their whole family - But let's never forget the simple things in life we are most thankful for. Waking up each day, going on a leisure walk around our neighborhood, having good friends you can talk to on the phone, any time day or night. Living in a free country where men and women keep us safe. Thanksgiving is taking a quick second to really appreciate what you have on this earth. A long embrace with a loved one just takes a second - You'll wish you had a million of those moments when they have passed on. Happy Thanksgiving Bismarck/Mandan!



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