There was a time, seven years ago this month, that I made a pivotal decision in my life to move from San Diego, California to Fargo, North Dakota. I was working at a horrible job (bill collector) and hating every single second. I received a phone call from an old friend that was running a country music station in Casselton, ND. He offered me a job as his producer. Now, what would you do? Stay in your hometown and continue to go to work five days a week absolutely miserable, OR move to another state and pursue something you have always loved? I chose Fargo.

The deal was done, there was an airline ticket waiting for me, so I figured I would school myself on Fargo by watching the famous movie. After about the first 5 minutes, I hit pause and questioned myself "What the heck am I doing?" I had never been in snow and the coldest I had ever dealt with was about 35 degrees. My conception of what North Dakota was all about was based on the extremely thick accents that I heard in the movie. "Don'tchya Know" - "Ya - You Betcha".

The Inforum reported that one of the common questions that are asked  “You’re from Fargo? Do people really talk like they do in the movie?”  For 25 years the movie 'Fargo' has riled up North Dakotans and Minnesotans who have found it insulting and completely overdone with the quirky mannerisms and the extreme portrayal of their culture. The movie is still placed on many critics "Top 100 films" lists. There haven't been a whole lot of movies out there that have impacted a city as 'Fargo' has. Charley Johnson, president of the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau says he thinks the movie has undoubtedly been good for the city. “I know some people never liked the violent aspect of it, or the way it poked fun at accents and eating habits, but seriously, it kind of put us on the map,” 


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