Having too good of a time at Bar golf this past Saturday, I found myself in a weird section of North Bismarck with no way to get out. 

When you're happy and listening to tunes like I was on Saturday night, it's understandable to possibly get caught up in something, and that I did! Looking to get to my place off 43rd Ave I decided to take a little trip off-roading in my 2011 FJ cruiser only to challenge a mud puddle and lose.

Mud Puddle, of course, was a little modest, this thing was a crevice that almost swallowed my truck whole! If not for Brad the Professional Lincoln Cowboy's help It would've still been there and I would've been walking to work.

He hooked up Dakota towing, they came out and in 20 minutes I was driving home with like 3 inches of mud on my hood.  I call that North Dakota Nice!

Next time Ill joyride on the pavement when I hear Jimi Hendrix on the radio again.  

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