Our goal is to satisfy your hunger and FEED you at the same time with great prizes weekdays, with our 4'O Clock Appetizer! Just follow these easy steps-

  1. Download the 965 The Fox App  in the Google Play store or the App store 
  2. Each weekday at 4 p.m.,  a word is sent to your phone 
  3. Call 663-9600 when we give you the signal 
  4. Caller nine will get the first shot at giving me the word of the day.   

Should you have the correct word, you'll WIN Two Beers AND Wings from Crossroads Tavern  The bottom line is, our FREE 965 The Fox App has everything you need, you can listen to us anywhere! We'll bring your concert info, events going on in the Bismarck/Mandan area. A perfect, simple FREE 965 The Fox app. So postpone whatever you have going on around 4, and get ready to win with our 4'O Clock Appetizer, then feel free to brag all you want at home or your office.

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