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It's Bison season! Saturdays are now going to be occupied for the fall. Here's a list of some bars that can be your go-to for Bison games. 

Lucky's bar: 2176 East Thayer Ave.  Nice dive bar with great drink specials 3.75 Pounders for the game. 

The Stadium: 1247 W Divide Ave.  You can go for the crazy side for the game or the mellow side (the Lodge) for conversation. Both Sides have TVs.  The Drink Specials for the game are $3 for Clam Diggers, Caesar’s, and Bloody Marys. Till 3. 

Sidelines: 300 S 5th street South Bismarck; Nice place to pregame before going to a show at the event center. For Bison Games, they have 3:50 pounders. 

Obrien’s: 1059 east interstate ave. nice dive bar up in North Bismarck. For the game, they're rocking a 1.75 16 oz. pint deal ... Nice!

Corral's Bar: 2111 East Main Ave Bismarck. A nice local Dive bar on Main. For the Bison, they want to get you happy! The Specials are $3 Morgan's and Coke, $15 Buckets and shots every time the Bison Score.




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