Ever wonder what makes one home a bad, good or better home to Trick or Treat? Is it the treat? Thinking on the term inflation tossed left and right, will shrinkflation occur in what is given out this year too? Will the candy bars be the same, but will the size change? Will "snack size" candy bars now be "bite-size"? OR will there still be folks that love the holiday so much that full-size candy bars are given? So many questions, we know but cannot help but ponder as the annual day when random knocking on strangers' doors approaches.

Past Trick or Treating

Homes in Bismarck / Mandan will again no doubt have the front light turned on. We have fond memories of small-town trick or treating, receiving Tigger's favorite popcorn balls or BEC bartering with whomever for more reese's peanut butter cups. One thing for certain, we believe homes in the area will be ready to deliver the goodies.


Other than candy, do you plan your routes to include a quick excuse to check out neighborhoods, potential homes, or just daydream about? We have compiled a list of homes worth putting on the "Trick or Treat" map when making your way thru Mandan. These homes bring about the kid in you to start wondering what may be awaiting behind closed doors. Thinking about more than just if the candy will be any good. Pondering could this possibly be one's next family home or maybe the retreat you dream about once the littles are not so little anymore.

Mandan Homes To Trick Or Treat

MUST Add Homes For Your Trick Or Treating This Halloween

The Biggest Home In All Of North Dakota

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