You know what they say, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure.' Maybe that's the case with these free items found on Bismarck's Craigslist.

You'd be surprised how many items are for free on Craigslist. Here are five that stood out:

  • 1

    Stepping Thing

    Also known as a 'step stool.' This ad also offers a jacket, size 5T with a tear inside.
  • 2

    Mobile Home

    Need a place to live? This mobile home requires a lot of fixing up and cleaning, but... it's FREE.
  • 3


    Make yourself look a lot more accomplished by adding this collection of BMX trophies to your home.

    In all honesty, these could be reused for a competition or sports event.
  • 4

    Gas Can for Boat

    If you're lucky, the owner might clean it up. It was also 'good' last time it was used.
  • 5


    This is actually pretty cool. This caricaturist in training is doing free caricatures if you send them a headshot. But please, refrain from sending a picture of your body or a 'goofy look.' That's his job! You also may not get your caricature because he has so many requests, but it's worth a shot!

    Geo Martinez, ThinkStock
    Geo Martinez, ThinkStock

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