Moving from New York to Bismarck, ND has been a huge adjustment.

So, I'm brand new here in Bismarck moving from New York City and love it here! I'm still going through the honeymoon phase of course but here's 5 things I've learned so far in my travels around town:

  1. Deer meat tastes awesome. I had the chance to have some deer sausage the other day and was A. Surprised how good it tasted and B. Surprised that the deer was actually hunted by my GM prior to cooking...That's Gangsta!
  2. Make sure you have a full tank of gas when you head out to Rusty's Saloon and Grill in St Anthony.  I had a gift certificate and decided to take a ride out to the place and what a ride it was! Totally overshot the place and wound up in some random field near Raleigh when my empty gas light went on. Finally found the place on my way back thinking the lights of the restaurant was a gas station. Hey, the food was great though!
  3. Mind your manners or the women here will kick your butt. Definitely an adjustment from New York where there's a lot of attitude. Here, everyone is nice, but the women here are tough. They're proud of growing up on a farm or a rural area, they'll fix your car and they will knock you out if you get fresh. I was out one night downtown and saw some guy get punched in the throat by a very attractive woman with heels on... and he went down hard!
  4. There's Cold and Then there's COLD...  While it doesn't feel as bad without a wind chill, -18 is STILL -18!! I found myself leaving the jacket at home when it was 20 degrees and thinking spring was here. The indoor garage is key, man.
  5. Even though we're in the middle of the Great Plains, we still have UBER!  Yes the international taxi app is available in Bismarck, and Thank God it is. These cops don't mess around when it comes to drunk driving and sadly my PBA Cards don't work.

One honorable mention is the fact that North Dakotans are proud of where they're from and it's really great to see.

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